This is a simple tool to compare two ADIF files. It is intended to help when inconsistencies have been found between two files.

Upload two ADIF files

Usage notes

ADIF Diff compares QSOs based on:

The QSO time is the main datum for comparison. The two logs are automatically aligned with ± 30 seconds tolerance. If the logs are badly misaligned, QSOs will appear twice instead of being shown as a difference.

QSL states of "N", "R" or blank rapidly create discrepancies when comparing logs between different software, so these differences are ignored unless there are other differences between the QSOs. This significantly reduces noise from the QSL_RCVD and LOTW_QSL_RCVD fields.

This is not an ADIF validator, but it does enforce the ADIF specification. Invalid QSOs will be skipped completely (e.g. invalid date/time or bad ADIF field sizes).

The primary objective of ADIF Diff is to rapidly find missing QSOs or other critical discrepancies such as experienced at Multi-Multi stations or DXpeditions with multiple networked laptops. If there is a good reason to extend the logic and you are prepared to provide some example ADIF files to illustrate an idea, please email Michael G7VJR.

Note: all processing happens in memory - your ADIF files are not stored or retained